Privacy Policy

Via this communication, we are pleased to inform you that at GESTIO DEL MOTOCICLISME CATALA, SL with NIF B63693824 (hereinafter, “ GEMOCAT”), we have updated our Privacy Policy as regards the treatment of the personal data of our Users/Clients, with the aim that these be treated in compliance with the principles, obligations and guarantees established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 27 April, 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

In this way, with the aim of reinforcing the trust of our Users/Clients and to allow them to continue to use our services in a safe, transparent manner, as they have done until now, from GEMOCAT we report the following aspects as to how the personal data from our Users/Clients has been collected, used, treated and protected.


Our Privacy policy is applied to the processing, by GEMOCAT, of the personal data of our Users/Clients, suppliers, members and/or related third parties.


At GEMOCAT, we consider personal data to be any type of information that, by itself or in combination with other data, identifies or allows the identification of individuals. Information such as, name, surnames, postal address, electronic mail address or telephone number, amongst others.


Based on the principle of minimisation, the data we collect from GEMOCAT for later processing will always respond to the criteria of suitability, pertinence and limitation, so that their use will be that strictly necessary in function of the aims for which they have been collected and processed and always respecting the User/Client’s wishes.

The data could be subject to processing by GEMOCAT will be classified into the following categories:

· User/Client data: the set of information made up by the contact details (such as name and surname), age, payment behaviour, as well as any other type of information gathered, in this case, via the consultation and customer services channels of GEMOCAT (for example, claims or related consultations), including those obtained via visits to the GEMOCAT web site, as well as User/Client interactions with GEMOCAT, albeit via telephone (in which case the calls may be recorded), via their social media (via Users comments in the official profiles of GEMOCAT and/or via User participation in draws, promotions and other promotional activities developed by GEMOCAT) or other official applications/means.

· Data of product's or services of GEMOCAT: types of products or services of GEMOCAT that have been contracted by the User/Client via their web site, via telephone or via any other official means (physical or virtual) enabled to this effect.

· Data of web visits: these are the data of the public IP address for each connection made by the User/Client, including the date and time of connection, the consultation to the DNS, the web pages consulted or the applications used by the User/Client for their access, the behaviour of the User/Client in the web page (with the aim of correcting errors in the on-line development and to provide more adequate and comfortable navigation for the User/Client), the time dedicated to navigation therein, as well as data regarding the devices and browsers used by the User/Client.

As previously mentioned, GEMOCAT informs you that the contracting of their products and services could imply the treatment of other categories of data not included in this list. In that case, the User/Client will be informed of the specific privacy conditions for each of the products or services affected, and with their given consent, if necessary, in compliance with the applicable regulation.

Also, GEMOCAT informs you that upon acquiring or consulting any of their services or products, the User/Client will have the option of voluntarily subscribing to our communications and/or periodical newsletters (sent telematically and/or printed, amongst others) and which at any time afterwards they may unsubscribe from without the need to justify their decision. In this way, via the aforementioned voluntary subscription, GEMOCAT may collect and process the data of the aforementioned Users/Clients.

Similarly, GEMOCAT informs you that the data processed may be anonymised, fulfilling all the guarantees established by the applicable legislation, as well as by other means allowed. In this respect, we indicate that the principles of the protection of data of a personal nature are not applicable to information submitted anonymously (as for example, information given in evaluation questionnaires, comments, etc.).


Those directly responsible for the processing of the personal data collected and processed will be GESTIO DEL MOTOCICLISME CATALA, SL with domicile at Avinguda Diagonal, 534 Planta 2 Porta 2 Barcelona, and with CIF number B63693824 (previously referred to as, “GEMOCAT”), who is the holder and administrator of the domain name (hereinafter, the “Web site”). To contact GEMOCAT, you may do so via the following electronic mail address

In order to comply with the applicable legislation, it may be necessary to communicate the personal data of our Users/Clients to public institutions or other control authorities as a consequence of the legal obligations of GEMOCAT. Similarly, it is possible that third parties have access to the personal data of the Users/Clients in the terms established in section 11.- “Data cession”.


GEMOCAT will process the personal data of the User/Client for their internal management, centralising the data processing for their efficient management. Policies will be implemented of control, management and use of the data included for the development of direct audits in directories of clients, suppliers and commercial partners, as well as for the development of the tasks of accounting and financing, the contracting of the relevant insurance for the aims of legal and business consulting and in the context of conflict resolution.


GEMOCAT is strongly committed to the privacy of their clients and users in general. For this reason, any data collected by GEMOCAT via the web site, will only be used for the aim requested by the User/Client. Thus, unless with express consent, the User/Client will not receive commercial communications from GEMOCAT nor from third parties and their data will not be ceded to third companies at any time.


In accordance with the current Spanish legislation, in order to use the Web Site the User/Client must be over 18 years of age, or have the authorisation of their parents and/or legal guardians if over 14 years of age and under 18. Therefore, upon accepting this Privacy and Cookies policy, the User/Client guarantees that they are over this age or that they have the aforementioned parental authorisation to register in any of the channels used by GEMOCAT, and that they are wholly responsible for this statement.


At GEMOCAT we collect and process the data of our Users/Clients so that the provision of our services be the most transparent, efficient, complete and confidential as possible; but, above all, so that the experience of the User/Client continues to be unsurpassable. To this end, and for the satisfactory consecution of other permitted and authorised ends in the terms reported in this Privacy policy, the reasons why at GEMOCAT we collect and process the data of our Users/Clients are, amongst others, the following:

    • With the aim of establishing a direct channel of communication with the User/Client in order to inform about different questions (among others, for example, changes in schedules, cancelations or any other type of incidence and/or related questions).

    • In the case of subscribing to our communications and/or periodical newsletters , with the aim of keeping our Users/Clients informed at all times about the development of new shows, as well as the celebration of special promotions or draws.

    • Via the information collected from the personal data of our Users/Clients, at GEMOCAT we can design future campaigns and projects with the aim of faithfully satisfying the preferences of our audience.

    • To improve the quality of the technical and commercial attention, as well as to verify the satisfaction of the Users/Clients, via the telematic channels or via the recording of calls from the User/Client to the customer services telephone numbers set up to this effect, or those that could be made from GEMOCAT or from any other company authorised by them.

    • Performance of statistics, surveys or market studies, with the aim of evaluating the quality of the product or service offered by GEMOCAT, as well as for business, commercial and investment decision making, checking sales, etc.

    • To maintain the security of the networks and electronic communication services, to detect technical faults or errors in the transmission of electronic communications, as well as any treatment that is required for the correct rendering of the service provided by GEMOCAT via their different channels (face to face or telematics).

    • To detect or impede the abusive or fraudulent use of the services.

    • Any other aim that is obligatory and necessary in order to comply with the applicable legal dispositions.

Additionally, during the validity of the relation established between GEMOCAT and their Users/Clients, other data may be incorporated for this or other purposes, in which case the User/Client will be duly informed at the time of the data collection (for example, via the different channels of commercial services; albeit face to face, via an online channel or, even, in forms filled out on the Web Site).

GEMOCAT is not responsible for the use of false, inaccurate, incomplete, or non-authorised data that were facilitated by the User/Client.


The User/Client guarantees GEMOCAT, as well as third parties, the quality of the information provided. That is, that the data and information provided are real, true, current and also pertain to the User/Client and not to third parties. To this end, via the sending of their personal data to GEMOCAT, the User/Client guarantees and is responsible to GEMOCAT as well as third parties, that these data are true and fulfil this quality principle. In all cases, the supply of false or outdated data is forbidden.

When applicable, the User/Client must always identify themselves via their personal electronic mail and with true and current data.


GEMOCAT informs the User/Client that, in compliance with the storage limitation principle, the data collected, at all times, will only and exclusively be processed for the time necessary and for the end to which they were collected. Therefore they will be stored such that the interested party can be identified only during the time necessary for the purposes of the personal data processing.

For all the above and in general terms, GEMOCAT has established the following storage limits, which will depend on the type of User/Client data and will be applicable, except in the case where one different to this Privacy policy has been specified or in the conditions of rendering of each one of the products and services that GEMOCAT might offer:

• Client Data: the data will be stored throughout the validity of the contractual relation plus an additional maximum term of 4 years after finalisation of the contract, in application of the Civil Code and Fiscal regulation.

• User Data: the data will be stored for a term of 12 months (unless this is information necessary for the rendering of services required by the User themselves, such as subscriptions to communications or periodical newsletters; in which case, the data is stored indefinitely until the user themselves voluntarily requests to unsubscribe from the service).

• Data of possible products or services rendered by GEMOCAT: the data will be stored throughout the validity of the contractual relation established between GEMOCAT and the User/Client plus an additional maximum term of 4 years after finalisation of the aforementioned relation, in application of the Civil Code and Fiscal regulation.

• Data of traffic, web visits and localization: the data will be stored for a term of 12 months.


What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are installed in the browser of the Client’s and User’s computer to register their activity, sending an anonymous identification that is stored within it. They can also be used to measure the audience, traffic and browsing parameters, session time and/or control the progress and number of entries. The Cookies of this Web Site can be of session as well as persistent, their own or from third parties. Session cookies are those that are automatically eliminated when closing the browser, whilst the persistent ones may remain installed for a determined amount of time. Also, their own cookies are those that are installed by GEMOCAT, whilst third party cookies are those installed by the service providers contracted to that effect.

GEMOCAT will at all times seek to establish suitable mechanisms to obtain the client and user’s consent for the installation of cookies that so require it. Nevertheless, in compliance with the Spanish legislation, it is understood that (i) the user has given their consent if they modify the browser configuration disabling the restrictions that impede the entry of cookies, and (ii) the consent referred will not be necessary for the installation of those cookies that are strictly necessary for the rendering of a service expressly requested by the user.

Bear in mind that in order to use the Web Site it is necessary that the user enables the cookies, especially those of a technical nature that are required so that GEMOCAT may identify the user as a registered user every time they access the Web Site. In particular, we inform that GEMOCAT uses or may use the following types of cookies, which will be processed correctly either by ourselves or by third party collaborators:

Technical Cookies: These are those that allow the User to browse and use the different options or services that are offered, such as, for example, control the traffic and communication of data, identify the session, access areas with restricted access, carry out a request for inscription or participation in an event, use security elements whilst browsing or to store, spread and/or share contents.

Customisation Cookies: These are those used by GEMOCAT that allow the User to access the Web site with some features of a predefined general character in function of a series of criteria in your terminal such as, for example, language, type of browser, regional configuration, point of access, etc.

Analytical Cookies: These are those used by GEMOCAT and by GOOGLE ANALYTICS that allow us to quantify the number of Users and thus perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use and activity of the Users, as well as elaborating their browser profiles in order to introduce improvements into the Web site.

The User/Client must also take into account that in order to use certain services and functions of the Web Site, their internet browser must have the Cookies enabled. Specifically, via technical cookies, GEMOCAT can identify the User every time they access the platform, allowing access and use of these services and functions. However, the User may allow, block or eliminate all these cookies whenever they want via the configuration options of their device or terminal, as well as from their internet browser:

Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari

The User/Client must access the most current information for each browser. In the case that the User uses any other Internet browser, we recommend that they consult the different cookie management options that are available for these at each time.

What cookies do we use on our website?

GESTIÓ DEL MOTOCICLISME CATALÀ, S.L. uses the following cookies:

Cookie type: techniques
Cookie name: CookieConsent
Description: stores the user's cookie consent status for the current domain.
Property: thirds (cookiebot)
Expiry: 1 year
International transfer: no

Cookie type: techniques
Cookie name:has_js
Description: records whether or not the user has enabled JavaScript in the browser.
Property: own
Caducidad: at the end of the session
International transfer: no

Cookie type: analysis or measurement
Cookie namef: _ga
Description: records a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the website.
Property: own.
Expiry: 2 years
International transfer: no

Cookie type: analysis or measurement
Cookie name: _gat
Description: used by Google Analytics to control requests rates.
Property: own.
Expiry: 1 day
International transfer: no

Cookie type: analysis or measurement
Cookie name: _gid
Description: records a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the website.
Property: own.
Expiry: 1 day
International transfer: no


We inform you that the data facilitated to GEMOCAT will not be ceded to other people or companies to be used for their own aims.

Nevertheless, as a consequence of the products and services rendered by GEMOCAT, it is possible that third parties linked to the activities of GEMOCAT may have access to the personal data of the User/Client (for example, amongst others, insurance companies, IT technical suppliers, marketing and digital agencies, authorised representatives, anti-fraud agencies and offices, regulatory authorities, government agencies and control authorities).

Being so, and for greater clarity, GEMOCAT specifies that access by third parties to the personal data of the User/Client due to their link with GEMOCAT is regulated by subscribed agreements with the aim of regulating the conditions in which access and processing of the personal data of the User/Client is effected, such that the processing of the personal data of the User/Client is guaranteed with the sole and exclusive objective as indicated by GEMOCAT, in this way, these third parties will act as processing managers and will be contractually obligated to comply with their legal obligations as processing manager, to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of the information.

In the case that these third parties have access to the personal data of the Users/Clients, GEMOCAT will implement the technical, organisational and contractual measures necessary to ensure that their personal data are only processed in the measure that is demanded by the processing that these third parties carry out or for which consent has been proffered.

At GEMOCAT we ensure that these third parties access the personal data of the Users/Clients in compliance with the applicable legislation.


If GEMOCAT requires ulterior processing of the personal data of the Users/Clients for a purpose other than that for which it was collected in the present Privacy policy, they must inform prior to treatment, including all the information legally enforceable as well as the purpose foreseen for this processing.


GEMOCAT is concerned about the security and confidentiality of the data and personal information of their Users/Clients. To this end, we have adopted numerous security measures and technical measures to avoid their loss, misuse or their unauthorised access. At GEMOCAT, we undertake to act quickly and responsibly in the case that the security of your data may be in danger, and to inform you of this if it is relevant, with the greatest diligence, in compliance with that established in the applicable legislation.


GEMOCAT may update the present Privacy policy at any time, informing the User/Client if this update means new data processing or a substantial change in them. Therefore, we recommend that Users/Clients review this policy periodically.

The use of any of our services, via any of our channels (albeit telematically or by writing) once this change has been communicated implies the knowledge on behalf of the User/Client in the terms laid out in the new privacy policy published.

These conditions constitute the Privacy policy with GEMOCAT as regards the use and/or acquisition of their products or services and substitutes any previous agreements.

This aside, we inform that the Privacy policy of GEMOCAT is made up of this document a well as the specific privacy conditions of each of the products and/or services that GEMOCAT might offer and that they will be completed and interpreted in a coherent and systematic manner, always respecting the will of the User/Client as regards the general treatment here included, without this affecting the specific conditions of the possible services contracted.

In the event that any of the dispositions of these conditions, or part of them, are declared illegal, invalid or not applicable by a competent administrative or judicial body, they will be considered as not included, without this affecting the other dispositions. The delay or lack of effecting, by GEMOCAT, a legal action or any right described in these conditions does not, in any case, imply the renouncement of the same

In the same way, the lack of reclamation of the unfulfillment of the obligations established in these conditions will not suppose a renouncement of a later reclamation.


GEMOCAT has designated a department responsible for handling the protection and security of the data of a personal nature of the Users/Clients. For any doubts, the User/Client should contact:

Similarly, in accordance with that established in the applicable regulation, GEMOCAT informs that, via the aforementioned e-mail address , or via postal mail to the domicile of GEMOCAT, the User/Client, attaching a copy of their DNI, may exercise the following rights:

Access : allows the data holder to obtain information about themselves if at GEMOCAT we are processing personal data that concerns them or not and, in such a case, the right to obtain information about their data of a personal nature subjected to processing.

Rectification : allows for the correction of errors and to modify the data that are incorrect or incomplete.

Suppression : allows the data to be suppressed and not processed by GEMOCAT, except where there is a legal obligation to store them and/or where other legitimate reasons do not prevail for their treatment by GEMOCAT. For example, when the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which they were collected, the client may request that we suppress this data without any undue delay.

Limitation : under the legally established conditions, allows for the data processing to be paralysed, in such a way as to avoid future processing by GEMOCAT, who will only store them for the exercise or defence of reclamations.

Opposition : in determined circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, the interested party may oppose the processing of their data. GEMOCAT will cease to process the data, except for imperative reasons, or the exercise or defence of possible reclamations

Portability : allows the interested party to receive their personal data and be able to transmit them directly to another responsible in a structured format, of common use and mechanical reading. For the exercise of this right, it is necessary that the User/Client provides a valid electronic mail.


The relation between GEMOCAT and the User/Client will be ruled by the current Spanish regulation and any controversy will be subjected to the Courts and Tribunals of the User’s home.